Archive from Old Published Magazines

Jean-Pierre L. Schupp publishes since 1979 severeal magzines, mostly in German in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Here one can find old FITNESS TRIBUNE magazines in English language, only published one time. Two times the FITNESS SPORT magazine from the STENFLEX Decathlon Championships

Strenflex Fitness Decathlon should have become a worldwide Sport for all the gyms and fitnessclubs around the globe. Even a championship was organized in the USA but the concept was lauched too early


These European STRENFLEX Decathlon Championships took place in different countries. Athletes from the age of 18 up to 90 competed and enjoyed it.

FITNESS SPORT No 1 year 2003

The German FITNESS SPORT magazine was on the market for several years, until the STRENFLEX Association took the decision to end all its activities around the World.

FITNESS SPORT No 1 year 2007


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